Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis Is Not a Phase

Learning that your child has a disability can be one of life’s most significant stressors for working moms. ⁣

I get it… the calls from school, meetings, disruption in schedules, managing other children at home as well as managing the other hats that you wear in life. ⁣

Some parents will admit… Others may not admit… And then you have a large majority that don’t want to believe that their child has a disability. ⁣

I am a special needs parent and I can definatley relate to any parents that are in any of the below phases. ⁣

Phases include:⁣





Two of my son’s are on the autism spectrum. I went through my feelings and phases about it but then I got the help that my child needed. ⁣

However, realize that when you speak to other people about your child’s condition, they may not support you. ⁣

When you speak to other people (which I’ve experienced), they say things like “don’t say that” or “nothing is wrong with your child” or one of the most popular ones, “don’t put him in that category.” ⁣

When you get your child the help that they need, you may minimize the behaviors or lessen the symptoms and on the outside, your child looks perfectly fine…. AND YES, YOUR CHILD IS PERFECTLY FINE. But it does not dismiss the disability. ⁣
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