Stop comparing yourself to other autism moms

I’ve been doing some heavy thinking about “high functioning autism.” ⁣

It insinuates that the child is intelligent but it doesn’t take into account their functioning level. ⁣

Your child can solve a math problem beyond his years, draw a beautiful mural, memorize the whole subway system in your city….⁣

But can he tie his shoe at age 8? Does it cuase him a high level of stress when he don’t? ⁣

Does something as simple as letting his brother have the last 2 French fries though he just had the last two cause the hugest meltdown (yes this recently happened to me with my son in the train station) ?⁣

So yes, I look at high functioning way different. ⁣

I also understand how it could be when you’re comparing your self to a mom whose child may seem more severe. ⁣

Listen:: This does not negate your challenges as an Autism mom. ⁣

We are all in the same boat. ⁣

We have shared experiences as well as those that may differ. ⁣

Are you are mom that suspect that their child is autistic or is in the beginning phases of diagnosis? ⁣

What are your challenges right now? ⁣

Leave a comment below.


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