3 Tips For A Successful IEP Meeting

IEP MEETINGS- the life or death of some autism moms. But today, I broke.⁣

The IEP meeting I attended today went extremely well. ⁣

Prior to the meeting, while waiting for all the team members, I was talking to his occupational therapist about my son back back in 2013. She literally had her mouth open cause she was in complete shock. ⁣

Y’all really don’t understand what I went through previously. ⁣

As I watched and listened to each team member speak, I could no longer hold my composure. ⁣

This is the same child that used to hit, bite, bang his head against objects, have extreme meltdowns, was a flight risk…. ect. ⁣

It was a lot of hard work getting him to where he is today, but it all starts with Accepting the diagnosis. ⁣

The longer you stay in your feelings, the longer you delay help that can turn your life around. ⁣

Moms of newly diagnosed autistic children, it gets better with time. Raising an autistic child is not easy! ⁣

If you think a neurotypical child can be a peice of work, think of raising an autistic child as twice the challenge. ⁣

Here are 3 tips for a successful IEP meeting:

  1. Write everything down As the Mom, I’m sure that you may have methods that work with your child at home. Whether it’s a way to calm them down, a particular “homework” assignment that you give them or specific prompts that you have for your child to cooperate. Feel free to share them on the day of your meeting. It may support some of the methods being conducted in school. It also feels good to you as the mom to hear that you’re doing a great job!
  2. Come to the meeting prepared Bring a written list of questions and subjects to discuss, so that you don’t forget anything important. 
  3. Have an open mind It’s true that as the parents, we are the experts of our children. However we must remember that the teachers, therapist and other service providers are experts at their jobs as well. It is not to take away from you as the mom. Both you and the service providers are a team. Team work makes the dream work.

Denial, Anger, Guilt and Grief are normal feelings. But they MUST be dealt with asap.⁣

I created a specific and proven method for successfully managing your child’s autism diagnosis, and the affects it has on your family, called the ‘BTH Method’.

If you’d like to vent, you can chat with me for 15 minutes here 🙂

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