Autism Is The Invisible Disability

Is there a look to autism?

The answer is “NO.”

Quite often when a mom tells someone that her child is autistic, the first thing that the person say is “but he/she doesn’t look autistic.”


I would say, the media and the fact that people don’t know what autism is. For example, if you seen Rain Man, you would assume that it represents autism well. Or one may think of a child with down syndrome. In matter of fact, when I told my dad that my son was autistic, he asked me about a helmet.

Autism is a disability that is not visible. It is usually visible by behaviors.

Just like illnesses such as high blood pressure of diabetes, you can’t see it but it doesn’t erase the fact that the illness exists.

If you’re a mom with a newly diagnosed autistic child, I can understand how frustrating this is and how it can feed into your denial of having an autistic child.

If will get better the more you began to accept the diagnosis.

I have a webinar, “From Suspecting To Accepting” which will discuss coping with your emotions as you’re in the beginning stages of processing that your child is autistic.

Click here to get access to this webinar

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